About Us

Player’s Cafe is a modern convenience store that is a one-stop shop for coffee, lottery tickets, scratchers, snacks, gifts & more. We offer a curated selection of boutique products that you won’t find anywhere else. Player’s Cafe is more than just a retailer, we are an experiential business that is customer centric focusing on out of the box activations such as our iPad bar, scratch-off bar, monthly events and a neighborhood hangout space. 

Our mission powered by Lotto.com, is to educate a digitally savvy generation on lottery play and the philanthropic causes associated with each state's lottery. Lotto.com is currently live in Arkansas, Colorado, New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, Texas and soon in your state. Learn more

How We Source Products

Player’s Cafe curates and sources local brands and products to foster a sense of community, while creating a fluid and seamless extension of the Lotto.com brand.