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Lotto.com is available now in: Arkansas, Colorado, Minnesota, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, and Texas.

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  • Draw Tickets

    Players Cafe boasts an exciting array of lottery games, encompassing popular options such as Mega Millions®, Powerball®, and your beloved local games!

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  • Scratch Tickets

    Discover a diverse selection of
    scratch-off games that add an extra element of fun and instant excitement to your lottery experience.

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  • Retail

    Explore our curated collection of
    state-specific giftables! Plus, indulge in the rich aroma of self-serve coffee, snacks and beverages, available in select locations.

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  • Education

    At Players Cafe, our mission extends beyond transactions. We strive to educate the community about the impactful local initiatives funded by the lottery. Join us in understanding and supporting the positive changes driven by lottery contributions

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  • Explore Ripple

    In the bustling pace of today's world, finding moments of tranquility is a luxury. Check out the Ripple+ ®, the nicotine-free portable aromatherapy diffuser, now available at Players Cafe. Offering the benefits of natural botanical blends, Ripple+ ® is your passport to a serene escape.

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Welcome to the FAQ section of Players Cafe! Here, we've compiled answers to some common questions to help you navigate your experience with us. If you don't find what you're looking for, feel free to reach out to our team for further assistance.

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What is Lotto.com | Players Cafe?
Players Cafe puts the modern twist in on old school convenience stores. Your new favorite one-stop shop for lotto, coffee, drinks, snacks, and gifts. All state lottery tickets sold support different public initiatives, such as scholarship funds, educational programs, social services, pensions, road maintenance and more!
What is your return policy?
Items purchased from Players Cafe can be returned for a full refund within thirty (30) days. To receive a refund, you must produce the unopened/unused, and non-expired, item accompanied by the receipt of purchase and payment method used for the purchase. This return policy applies only to general retail goods offered by Players Cafe and does not include the purchase or sale of lottery tickets in any form. All lottery sales are final and are non-refundable. In the event of product defect, Players Cafe will issue an exchange of the item with an item of exact or equal value. If a new item is not readily available for exchange, you may receive store credit for the value of the original item purchase.
What types of lottery games do you offer?
Players Cafe features an exciting array of lottery games, including popular options like Mega Millions®, Powerball®, and Scratch Ticket games. Visit a location today to explore our variety of games for a chance to win big!
Can I pay for lottery tickets with a debit card at your store?
Certainly! We provide the convenience of purchasing lottery tickets with either debit cards or cash at our store. Select the payment method that best suits your preferences, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free lottery experience. Importantly, there are no additional fees associated with using a debit card for lottery transactions at our store.
How does the lottery support local communities?
By participating in the lottery, you're contributing to various state initiatives and community projects. The funds generated through lottery sales play a crucial role in supporting education, environmental efforts, and other essential programs that benefit our local communities. For additional details on how your state contributes, please visit your state lottery's website.
Is self-serve coffee available at all locations?
While not available at all locations, select Players Cafe locations provide a self-serve coffee station. Check with your specific store to see if this delightful coffee experience is available near you.

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