Mid-Rise Lace Thong

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Impromptu sleepover? Unexpected layover? Peed a little...leaked a lot? Or perhaps your Betty's kinda sweaty. Meet Panic Panties. *NEW* Individually-wrapped lace panties for all those times you're on a date, on your period, on a trip, at the gym, or laugh just a little too hard & PANIC needing a new pair of panties in a pinch! Panic Panties are the perfect impulse buy for life's unpredictable moments or anytime you want a soft, stretchy, premium panty. Like lipstick or a tampon, keep Panic Panties in your purse, throw them in your gym bag, stash them in luggage, & #NeverBeWithoutaPair. Panic Panties also make the perfect stocking stuffers, bachelorette favors, beach bag accessories, travel necessities, Galentines, hangover kits, date night essentials. and more! These panties are: - Free of toxins and other harmful chemicals - Sewn in a Fair Trade factory with fabric made in the USA - Fit on real women of all different shapes and sizes