Bamboo Toothbrush - Soft Bristles

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Say hello to superclean brushing with our 100% plant-based Bamboo Toothbrush made from Moso Bamboo and castor beans. Perfect for scrubbing away stains with its soft bristles. Unlike other bamboo toothbrushes, our bristles are not made with nylon (plastic), and are instead made from castor bean oil. The entire toothbrush from head to handle are backyard compostable. - 100% Plastic-Free - Home Compostable - Soft Bristles - Moso Bamboo - Cruelty-free - Vegan


From the thoughtful makings of our toothpaste to our giving model, we’re here to seize every chance we have to do good, give back, and leave the world a whole lot brighter

Once upon a time, we saw the plastic trail toothpaste was leaving in its wake. As adventurists and surfers ourselves, we were immediately inspired to dream up another way that’s better for the planet and its people. Because honestly, the only thing we love bigger than waves is your happy smiles.