Air Dried Veggie Crisps - Grape Tomatoes

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With Extra Virgin Olive Oil & A Dash of Sea Salt. Lightly seasoned with olive oil and sea salt, these crispy tomatoes taste like summer, when tomatoes are heavy on the vine, bursting with zesty, sweet, and slightly tart flavor. Plus, with plenty of grape tomatoes per bag, you are sure to be satisfied and have some to share! But there is more to this story than great taste - the tomatoes we use are rescued. Together with Full Harvest®, we rescue funky shaped, colored, or surplus veggies. The Grape tomatoes we use are too ripe to sell into retail. But they are perfect for us because they are so full of tomato flavor. Less food waste and happier snacking. Sounds pretty ideal to us! Whoever said perfect-looking veggies taste better anyway? Ingredients: Dried Grape Tomatoes, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sea Salt. Size: 1 oz. Dimension: 8.13"H x 5.13"W x 1.25"D. Shelf life: 6 months.