Air Dried Veggie Crisps - Blushed Bell Peppers

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With Extra Virgin Olive Oil & A Dash of Sea Salt. Some sweet, some green, some very mellow, no two pieces and no two bags are alike, because these bell peppers are all at different stages of ripeness. Lightly seasoned with olive oil and sea salt, this beautiful multi-color array of peppers is a crispy new flavor experience with every bite. But there is more to this story than great taste - the bell peppers we use are rescued. Together with Full Harvest®, we rescue funky shaped, colored or surplus veggies. Blushed Bell Peppers have multi-colored skins, which are considered a cosmetic imperfection so most retailers won't take them. We think they are beautiful and delicious. Less food waste and happier snacking. Sounds pretty ideal to us! Who ever said perfect-looking veggies taste better anyway? Ingredients: Dried blush bell peppers, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt. Size: 1 oz. Dimension: 8.13"H x 5.13"W x 1.25"D. Shelf life: 6 months.