Adaptogems™ For Even-Keeled Feels

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flavor: lychee rosewater (20 lozenges)

  • reishi mushroom helps reduce stress
  • maca root promotes improved mood
  • tropical lychee + rosewater = floral flavor realness

how: unwrap 1 adaptogem as needed. enjoy and stress less.

active ingredients: reishi mushroom extract, organic maca root extract.

other ingredients: organic rice syrup, malic acid, natural flavors.

adaptogems™ = smooth little lozenges that blend adaptogens and other actives with delicious aromatic flavors.


Boring supplements or lozenges loaded with irritants? they hadn’t changed. so after a few travel mishaps with messy supplement powders, capsules that felt like a chore ... and after one too many crackly cough drops, it clicked! i saw a world where i could create a supplement that people would actually look forward to taking. so i became an herbalist apprentice and today, together with one gem of a team, we bring you a line of functional lozenges to help balance all things stress and have some fun along the way.